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Birthday of Music (lyric translation)

Leo: Birthday of My Music!

Verse 1

(Catch) What sort of dream (Days) Shall we write today?
(Ease) If you imagine it just like that
(Find) Hidden inside (Gift) Is a treasure
(Arrow) Turn it into notes (Birth) And give it life

Wrapping the words from your soft lips in music
See, it just overflows!

Birthday of My Music!
With all the colors reflected in your eyes, let’s make this inspiration into a melody
And then Let’s Sing! Trust everything to this one feeling
Just! Let it ring in this moment, this phrase I’ve made with you

Verse 2

Hey, do you know any? Beautiful things, I mean
Ahh... No, don’t say it! Picture it
Then, let’s take off, to the furthest edge
Ahh… It creates a whole new feeling

This melody bubbling up is swaying my heart
And once again… it sparkles!

Birthday of My Music!
With the sounds you hear, tap out a rhythm that makes your heart race
So Let’s Dance! Leave everything to this one sensation
Just! Embrace this impact
And your heartbeat, see… it’s a crescendo!


Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
Fancy! Stimuli! Vibrate!
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
Your Eyes! Your Voice! Your Heart!

A fleeting illusion that disappears in an instant
There’s no point in just holding on to it
Open up the cage of the musical staff
And release it into the endless sky… It’s born again

That’s right! Everyday is Birthday of Music!
With all these layered emotions, let’s make this inspiration into a harmony!
And then Let’s Make! Give your heart to this emotion
Just! Let this feeling ring
An ensemble of hope I’ve made with you… We’ll write it forever
Just a Birthday of Our Music!